About Wallet wing

Wallet Wing is one of the first companies in the Eco World that not only pursues to be the Amazon of organic and eco-friendly products but also promotes local products on a global level.

Sharing your household values, we are committed towards promoting a healthy and conscious lifestyle. We established this platform in response to our own quest for organic products. We wish to buy eco-friendly products for the betterment of our families, work and the planet as you do.

The cornerstones of the foundation of Wallet Wing:

  • Promote the usage and accessibility of local natural products among people of all communities.
  • Create awareness about the importance and health benefits of consuming regional products and leverage its historic importance and value.
  • Create a healthier, more sustainable, and ethical shopping experience.
  • We strongly support local business and do not allow corporate/commercial products on our site.

We offer a wide range of products under the categories of food, individuals, households, books, and electronics. We aspire to expand our services by offering healthier alternatives to items you use every day in your home, office, school and food services.

We are fresh, we are unique, we are concerned about your health, we sow wellness, we appreciate the tradition, we are strive towards promoting small business, and we want to enhance the greatness of natural foods. With Wallet Wing, live life the right way by making the right choices about the products you can trust.